Veneto: land of excellent wines

A stay in the Veneto region represents an unmissable opportunity to visit some of Italy’s most interesting and popular wineries, and to taste their wines while taking in the splendid, vineyard-dotted landscapes.
The Veneto region has a grand wine tradition that stems from its long history of tradition, of knowledge about the land, of vines, of grapes and of their valuable organoleptic properties. Spending a holiday in our region is an opportunity to become acquainted with some of Italy’s most interesting and popular wineries, which have helped to not only raise the quality of wine, but also of the environment in which it is produced and tasted.

Among the many wineries in the region, we recommend a visit to Bortolomiol Winery in the beautiful countryside of Valdobbiadene. In the heart of the village, close to the bell tower, you’ll find Filandetta Park, so named because it housed an ancient spinning mill, which has been nicely restored and is now used as a tasting room. Given the growing interest in wine culture and in winemaking processes, Bortolomiol Winery offers the opportunity to visit the winery in the company of an experienced winemaker and to taste its excellent products; the traditional prosecco superior is the top product. For more information, please visit the winery website:

Another interesting winery is Borgo Molino, which is located in Roncadelle, in the heart of the March of Treviso. Founded nearly a hundred years ago by the Nardin family, the winery cultivates more than 100 hectares of vineyards, which yield excellent sparkling wines and well-known red and white wines of various types – all to be tasted in the winery’s enoteca. A visit to the winery is a good opportunity to explore a beautiful zone that offers unforgettable natural landscapes. For more information:

At the Jesolopalace Hotel you can taste products from Borgo Molino, as well as those from Bortolomiol Winery, which form part of our wine cellar.

In this page you can find some pictures of Mosole Winery: we suggest you to visit the Winery during your stay!
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