Wonderful cities of art to explore

Delightful places in the Jesolo area

There's lots to see and do near Jesolo, including some of Italy's most beautiful cities of art, little mediaeval towns, and places known worldwide for their wonderful landscapes and their unique food and wine. A seaside holiday at the 4-star superior hotel in Jesolo also provides an excellent opportunity to visit some world-famous destinations. You can explore the wonderful mixture of history, culture, tradition, gastronomy and natural beauty that the Veneto has to offer. Get ready to enjoy an amazing journey.


The eternal beauty of the city on the lagoon

Ageless charm

The irresistible attraction of Venice, with all its amazing wonders. The unique beauty of the Serenissima is food for the eyes and the heart. We can arrange guided tours of Venice in various languages through our partner agency in Jesolo.


Architectural wonders

Splendid historic buildings

Treviso is one of the most graceful cities in the Veneto. The city is built around two rivers, which flow between the streets of the historic centre and its ancient walls, and is known for its beautiful architecture and fine historic mansions.


A spectacular historic town

Mediaeval beauty

Asolo is a true open-air museum, a silent witness to an ancient past and a unique and fascinating destination for visitors. The Rocca Braida with its military fortress are two symbols of this town, with its abundance of art, culture, history and traditions.


A fascinating meeting of cultures

On the eastern edge of the Adriatic

The art and architecture of Trieste is marked by the various cultures and people that have coexisted or passed through the city, leaving their imprint in a succession of different styles. You're sure to be charmed by the city's historic squares, churches, museums, monuments, historic villas and narrow alleys.


The beauty of a city of art

With historic mansions and great squares

Padua is known for the Scrovegni Chapel, with its wonderful cycle of frescoes by Giotto, but it also contains a wider cultural heritage in terms of its art, architecture and culture.


Between the pinewoods and the sea

Sporting activities