An excursion dedicated to flavor

Renowned throughout the world by connoisseurs for its delicate flavor and unmistakable, San Daniele prosciutto awaits at the prosciutterie of the village with the same name.
Within a short drive, just over an hour, you can have the opportunity to taste the sweet and refined flavors of the well-known San Daniele prosciutto, directly at the town’s prosciutterie. Celebrated by connoisseurs throughout the world for its delicate and unmistakable flavor, San Daniele prosciutto is now a famous ambassador of Friulian gastronomy. The renowned hospitality of the region can be felt not only inside the taverns dedicated to prosciutto, such as Dall'Ava, Ai Bintars and Al Dolcenero, where you can taste San Daniele prosciutto accompanied by local cheeses and wines, but also in the streets of this historical Friuli town, which is full of remarkable wonders of historical and artistic interest.
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