Opera at its very best

An extraordinary combination of music, theater and song: the greatest lyric operas can be enjoyed in the neighboring cities of Verona and Venice, some of the most beautiful backdrops imaginable.
When it comes to opera it must be remembered that the cities of Verona and Venice offer some of the most beautiful backdrops for appreciating the premier performances of this art form – a sublime blend of music, theater and song. Inside the beautiful Verona Arena a full season of shows is presented, with extraordinary opera classics such as Aida, Madame Butterfly and La Traviata being sung by famous performers and with spectacular scenery; within the setting of the historical Roman amphitheater, opera becomes a truly unforgettable experience. Starting from Jesolo in the early afternoon, there’s even time for a relaxing stroll into Verona’s old town before the opera begins. If Venice is your destination, the theater where you can see the best operas is la Fenice, of course, one of the venues that have shaped the history of our symphonic and operatic music. You can buy tickets for the opera season at either venue directly at our hotel.
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