Museums and Art

An unlimited selection of beauty to admire

Museums, archaeological sites, churches, monasteries and historical villas: an enormous cultural offer awaits – both in the large, history-rich cities and in the province’s towns and small hamlets of the Veneto.
Art aficionados will enjoy visiting the multitude of museums, archaeological sites, churches, monasteries, historical villas and palaces in the grand historical cities, such as Venice, Padua, Treviso and Verona, as well as in smaller provincial towns and hamlets scattered throughout the Veneto region. A quest for beauty that never ceases to amaze visitors due to the number of works that have been passed down to us, thanks to the efforts of the various municipalities, committed to preserving and enhancing an exceptional artistic and cultural heritage. Well-stocked art galleries, permanent and temporary art exhibitions featuring major artists in buildings of incredible beauty, museums dedicated to local handicrafts and cultural events – like the notti bianche dei musei (White Nights of Museums) – are only a part of the amazing cultural and artistic heritage that is available to visitors in every corner of this fertile and vibrant Italian plain.

Here are some suggestions for reference sites that will help you choose your favorite cultural destinations:
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