About Us

A family atmosphere with all the comforts of a large hotel

Our views about holidays and hospitality
The Jesolopalace Hotel welcomes you to an ambiance that is comfortable yet elegant, with modern design and intense, bright colors. Every detail has been carefully thought out, in order to make the atmosphere relaxing and enjoyable and to envelop guests in a warm feeling of wellbeing, surrounding them with every luxury.

The Anzanello family has been managing the Jesolopalace Hotel & Aparthotel since 2006, favoring values such as peaceful relaxation over wild confusion, courteous discretion over ostentatious display, and warm friendliness from the staff over strictly cold professionalism. These choices have helped to build an ongoing relationship with guests, rather than mere fleeting contact over the course of a single holiday.

Our hotel is set apart not only for its impeccable organization and high quality of services, but also for the close-knit teamwork of our staff members, who approach their work with passion and a great deal of motivation. This passion, in fact, is quite tangible in the pleasant atmosphere of hospitality and family warmth that will envelop you from the moment you arrive.