Valuable cultural meeting point

Trieste has witnessed the transit and coexistence of many people, who have left the best of their art and culture in a harmonious succession of styles and landscapes, all just waiting to be discovered and admired.
Location, history, architecture and traditions: everything in Trieste bears witness to the passing through and coexistence of various cultures and numerous people, who have left behind the best of their art in a harmonious succession of styles and landscapes for us to discover and admire. Located on the outer eastern edge of the Adriatic, just at the Slovenian border, Trieste is situated between a rugged landscape of karst promontory and the sea, which extends into the gulf all the way to the enormous, enchanting piazza dell’Unità (Unity of Italy Square). The city is known for its wealth of architecture, which encompasses buildings ranging from Neoclassical to Art Nouveau to Baroque in a delicate balance with ancient Roman ruins and eighteenth-century Hapsburg buildings. The city’s rich array of monuments, squares, churches, museums, historical villas and narrow alleyways will leave you spellbound.
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