City of art and culture

Poetry and history, traditions and culture: Treviso enchants its visitors, offering fascinating architectural gems and ancient buildings between the Sile and Cagnan rivers, which flow through the center of the city.
Less than an hour's drive from the hotel you can enjoy a visit to charming Treviso, one of the most poetic cities in the Veneto region. Characterized by the two rivers that meander through the streets of the city and its ancient walls, Treviso is home to treasured architectural gems and enchanting palaces. The arcaded houses with beautiful frescoed facades that are reflected on the water of the Buranelli Canal, the Isola della Pescheria (Fish Market Island), the main cathedral, which contains frescoes by Pordenone and Titian's Annunciation altarpiece, the museum complex of Santa Caterina dei Servi di Maria and the Dominican Church of St. Nicholas, with its famous Sala de Capitolo (Chapterhouse) frescoes by Tommaso da Modena, are just a small selection of gems that this city offers its visitors.
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