A scholarly city of ancient splendor

A city of art and of intriguing architecture, the beauty of Padua’s ancient buildings, its expansive squares and its timeless masterpieces never ceases to amaze visitors.
Though Padua’s most famous attraction is Scrovegni Chapel, which boasts beautiful Giotto frescoes, the city, among the oldest in Italy, is actually a continually ongoing surprise, graced with masterpieces of art, architecture and cultural symbols that make it an important historical center. The Basilica of Saint Anthony, Palazzo della Ragione, Pedrocchi Cafe, the Roman bridges, three vibrant squares (one dedicated to fruit, one to herbs and one to the lords) and Prato della Valle, the second largest square in all of Europe, are just a few attractions to visit. It must also be mentioned that Padua is the City of Doctors, with one of Europe’s oldest universities, as well as a place of pilgrimage to which the faithful flock in order to visit the Basilica dal Santo. If you’d like to spend a day in search of beauty, Padua won’t fail you.
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