An ancient village with seductive beauty

Described by Carducci as the “City of a Hundred Horizons,” Asolo is one of Italy’s most spectacular and best-preserved historical towns, a silent witness to thousand of years of glorious history.
Among the most spectacular and best-preserved historical towns in Italy, the splendor of Asolo – a silent witness of a millennial past – seduces its visitors upon every glance. Asolo is truly an open-air museum, every alleyway and building of which manifests an historical quest for beauty and harmony with the surrounding nature. A visit to the village offers numerous wonders. An absolute must is a visit to the imposing structure of Braida Fortress, built atop Mount Ricco, which dominates the center of Asolo, and the underlying castle, which became an integral part of the city’s medieval fortification walls, still standing today. These are two symbols of the town that, together with the rolling hills of Asolo, offer an enchanting landscape and a village rich in art, culture, history and traditions.

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