Designed for children, healthy and delicious

Your kids will love our abundant and varied children’s menu, and you’ll love that we pay close attention to healthy nutrition and authenticity.
The Jesolopalace Hotel, an ideal choice for a family holiday, must have a menu geared towards the specific needs of children, of course. Having a wide array of options that harmoniously combines flavors that children like and proper nutrition is so important for their development, even while on vacation. The weekly menu offered for your little ones always includes small pasta in broth, especially for the really little ones, and refreshing ice cream flavors for dessert.

Our wide range of options is split up during the week:
• Tortellini with cream and ham
• Fillet of cod in tomato sauce with steamed spinach
Fusilli with pesto
• Grilled hamburger with French fries
• Pizza Margherita
• Sausages with French fries
Gnocchetti dumplings with meat sauce
• Escalope with lemon, served with French fries
• Pennette pasta with tomato and basil
• Grilled chicken breast, served with potato croquettes
• Spaghetti with meat sauce
• Wiener Schnitzel with French fries
Sedanini pasta with four cheeses
• Grilled turkey breast with potatoes
• Risotto with Parmesan cheese
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