Fun for the kids

Children can romp at the pool or in our well-kept garden, which has play structures suitable to the needs of different ages – not to mention at the beach, an irresistible natural attraction.
Our hotel pays special attention to keeping the children occupied, reserving a number of spaces especially for their entertainment. In addition to the outdoor pool, which has points with suitable depth even for the little ones, the heated indoor pool is very much appreciated, especially by young children who play in the water with their parents. In the garden you’ll find a small slide, ping-pong and timeless spring riders ... not to mention the expansive golden beach opposite the hotel: a bucket and a shovel are still classic kids’ accessories for spending happy days at the seaside. To ensure their welfare, we also provide families with the help they need and the necessary equipment: from cribs and high chairs in the room to changing tables in public areas and from babysitting services upon request to suitable cutlery to bicycles with helmets of different sizes for a ride through the pine forest.
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