Absolute Tranquility

Quality time in the healthful pine forest

An oasis of peace between pine forest and sea
A holiday at the Jesolopalace Hotel is dedicated to wellness and to unwinding completely: a break geared towards relaxation and tranquility, perfect for recovering from the effects of hectic life in the city. The location of our hotel facilitates and supports a relaxing holiday; it is situated, in fact, in the most verdant and quietest corner of Pineta di Jesolo, removed from traffic and the hustle and bustle of the city – though still accessible just a few minutes away. Overlooking the sea and with a private beach, the terraces of the Jesolopalace Hotel offer a stunning panorama of the Jesolo coastline, a view that extends up to the easternmost part of the Adriatic Coast, leaving a health-giving feeling of serenity in the heart. In addition to its prime location, which is secluded and quiet, the Jesolopalace Hotel ensures warm and heartfelt hospitality, friendly and caring attention to your needs, and all the amenities and comforts necessary to offer you a perfect holiday, dedicated to relaxation and wellbeing.